Dimitri Flynn is a former Vietnam era U.S. Naval officer and native of New Orleans. He now lives along the Gulf South in Mississippi and Florida Panhandle. He has written a sequel to the Templar Solution novel, The Templar Rendition and a cookbook, the Templar’s Greek Recipes, both available as a digital downloads.

He began the New Knights Templar series based on the real historical events surrounding the life of his grandfather. The Templar Solution and Templar Rendition novels revolve around the lives of three fictional characters who comprise the present day New Knights Templar.

These new Knights exercise great wealth and power to fight the insane forces aligned to take away the freedom of humanity. The New Knights are the modern brothers of the old Knights of the Templar of Soloman who fought for the Papacy during the Crusades. This fighting brotherhood of Knights Templar became very powerful and rich and a force to contend with for over 200 years. They were given “omni datum optimum” or every best gift from a Bull proclaimed in the year 1139 AD.
This practically gave this militant group of fighting monks the “keys to the kingdom” of the Papacy. Over the centuries, this gift was never been abused, the result of this is the New Knights Templar to this day still control enormous wealth. The Templar wealth was hidden from the avaricious Phillip the Fair during the supposed suppression of the Order in the year 1314AD when the Grand Master, Jacque de Molay was burned at the stake. A recent discovery was uncovered in the Vatican archives. In 2001, the Chinon Parchment shows unequivocally the Order of the Templar of Soloman was innocent of all charges and never disbanded. The New Knights Templar of old were not stupid and just transferred all their paper wealth to Switzerland and their moveable wealth to Scotland where it has laid untouched for centuries. The Templar Solution recounts how this wealth is used to this day and the Templar Rendition recounts how their 100 year war against the forces of socialism is finally concluded.